Community Connections

Connecting emerging community leaders with community issues and opportunities

The Prodigy Group is committed to being an active and engaged community member by connecting emerging community leaders with volunteer opportunities across our region and giving back to local not for profits.

Current Efforts

On June 7th, 2013 the Prodigy Group hosted The Amazing Chase, a unique adventure race with a twist. All proceeds from The Amazing Chase were donated to our 2013 community partners: Community Micro Lending and Junior Achievement of British Columbia.

In addition to fundraising through the Amazing Chase, we work directly with these organizations to provide members with opportunities such as mentorship, teaching business skills to grade school children, or partaking in a ‘living library’ full of resources for entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in volunteering for either of these organizations, please email for more information.

Click here to read about our latest success stories with Community Micro Lending and Junior Achievement.

Each spring one of our monthly mingles highlights our Community Connections program. This is a great opportunity for our attendees to connect with local not for profits and learn more about the opportunities available through our program. Click here for details on monthly mingles and/or register to attend.

To learn more about our 2013 Community Partners, please click on the links below to visit their websites. 


Our members that have participated in Community Connections have found this component of the Prodigy Group extremely rewarding, both personally and professionally.  We encouraged all interested organizations and Prodigy Group members to get involved.

Please contact: for additional information.